Protect what remains

The RFPG calls for extension of the reserve system in the Central Highlands to include, as top priority:

  • the whole of the Torbreck Range to be joined with the Mt Torbreck reserve;
  • the areas surrounding the Mt Bullfight Conservation Reserve to be joined with Lake Mountain including the headwaters of Snobs Creek , Royston River, Torbreck River and Arnold Creek extending south to Cambarville;
  • the whole north end of the Blue Range and Middle Range to be joined with the Rubicon Valley Historic Area and reserved to protect this most north-easterly alpine ash outlier and adjoining forests;
  • the Acheron Way must be recognised as a critical tourist road needing a much wider buffer and no further visible gashes;
  • the Hermitage Creek area at Narbethong must be permanently reserved to protect the greater glider;
  • all harvesting in the Rubicon Valley Historic Area should end.

Future editions of this leaflet / webpage will include photographs and maps depicting the proposed reserves including access roads.