Auditor General acknowledges forestry issues; refers FRPG concerns to audit team

23 May 2016

The Victorian Auditor General has acknowledged RFPG concerns about logging in the Central Forest Management Area.  In his reply of 18 May the AG says: 

In our Managing Victoria's Native Forest Timber Resources audit report, tabled in December 2013, the then Auditor-General concluded that VicForests and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (now the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) needed to improve the environmental, economic and social sustainability of timber harvesting. Furthermore, a series of recommendations were directed at the then DEPI and VicForests, many associated with the issue of sustainability. The Auditor-General noted that we may revisit the management of threatened species and public land in the future. Accordingly, I would be pleased to pass on your request to the relevant audit team to consider as part of their future annual planning activities.